Sometimes it’s better not to stick to the plans you made! We didn’t have any plan for a photo session before or after the wedding. But when we reached the Engadin valley, it was a sure thing that we had to do some sort of a “trash the dress” without the time constraints of the wedding day. The amazing views, landscapes and backgrounds were practically crying to be photographed (I know, I exaggerated a little bit with the “crying” part!).  Anyway, how many times do you have the chance to be in St Moritz area with  an amazing couple asking you to shoot them? I mean…with a DSLR, of-course!

So we did what we do best: we had a lot of fun with our new friends! We enjoyed every moment spent with Karin & Miro, and we are looking forward for the next chance that life will give us to meet them again! Until than, we say a big “THANK YOU!” to Karin and Miro (all other considerations were sent privately:) ). And last but not least, we have to say also a big THANK YOU for Tariq and Valerie. You know why! :)